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Banasur – Demon who became son of Shiva

Banasur, son of king Bali, a descendant of Prahlad, did a very hard austerity of Shiva. When Shiva appeared, Banasur asked to accept him as His son and protect him when he call Him and bless him with thousand arms each having power of thousand elephants and he could die by an unmarried girl only. Shiva blessed him with his desired boons.

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Banasur became invincible

Soon Banasur realized that his arms were out of his control and took him on the path of sins. He started killing innocent people and kings. Banasur became invincible and won all the battles. Who could dare to stand in front of Mahadev?

Banasur was impervious. His terror spread in all directions. Even Narayan couldn’t kill Banasur because Narayan already blessed Prahlad that he will not kill any of his 22 descendants.

Marriage of Usha and Aniruddh

Usha, daughter of Banasur, started loving Aniruddh, grand son of Krishna. Banasur hated Krishna because He never got the chance to attack on Dwarka and so couldn’t win it.

One day Chitralekha, friend of Usha, asked her about the prince she saw in her dreams. Whatever Usha described, Chitralekha drew that and it turned out to be the sketch of Aniruddh.

Chitralekha was an expert in magical powers. She kidnapped Aniruddh from Dwarka and brought him in the kingdom of Banasur. Usha married with him by stealth.

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Fight of Krishna and Banasur

When Banasur got the information about Aniruddh, he tried to kill him but Krishna attacked with his army.

Yadavas and Army of Banasur had a gruesome war. Krishna chopped all the arms of Banasur, except his real two arms and ordered his Sudarshan Chakra to kill him but Shiva appeared and rescued him.

Shiva and Krishna started fighting. The gruesome war turned into destruction.

Since the arms of Banasur were chopped off by Krishna, his arrogance and cruelty got destroyed too. He understood that Krishna is none other than his and his ancestors’ adorable God, Narayana. He stopped the war and apologized for his mistakes.


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