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Kalbheeteshwar Mahadev and creation of Shiv Mahimna Stotra

Kalbheeteshwar Linga was created by a boy Kalbheet who was very intelligent but was afraid to get out from his house. Pushpdant created the Shiv Mahimna Stotra.

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Who was Pushpdant?

A gandharv (divine musicians of heaven), Pushpdant, was a devotee of Mahadev and he was so drown in the devotion that whatever he saw appropriate to offer Shiva, he never hesitated to even steal that. His intentions were absolutely pure and purity is the basic foundation of devotion.

One day Pushpdant saw a beautiful garden and he picked some flowers from it to offer Shiva. When king of that garden got information about the stealing of flowers, he got furious over his royal priest.

Test of devotion of Pushpdant

The king captured Pushpdant and asked him the reason of stealing flowers from his garden.

Pushpdant said, “Everything belongs to Mahadev. There is nothing yours or mine. I just took some flowers to offer at Shiv Linga.”

King said that Mahadev never accepts the stolen things. Pushpdant said that he will offer the same flower again here in kingdom to shiv linga. If it accepts it then he is not guilty otherwise he is ready to accept punishment.

Pushpdant offered flower to shiv linga and it disappeared, as it was accepted by Mahadev. King released Pushpdant.

Who was Kalbheet?

The royal priest had a son named Kalbheet. Kalbheet was very intelligent and a great devotee of Shiva but from his birth he always listened his parents complaining about the hatred, disloyalty, dishonesty, greed etc among the society.

He thought that outside world is very bad so he decided not to get out of his house. His parents tried their best to convince him to go outside but he always refused.

Shiva took the form of Nat Bhairav and Ganesha became Natesh. They stayed at the home of priest and with real life examples and activities, gave deep knowledge to Kalbeet about the existence of both goodness and badness in the world.

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They convinced him that if there is badness, the solution is not to hide in home like a coward, else try fighting it.

Foundation of Kalbheeteshwar Mahadev

Kalbheet was delighted with the enlightenment. He went out of his home and completed his Yagyopaveet Sanskaar. He then went for austerity. Mahadev appeared and blessed the shiv linga made by Kalbheet as Kalbheeteshwar Mahadev.

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Creation of Shiv Mahimna Stotra

Some thieves thought that Pushpdant is gullible and could be easily manipulated. They made a story and asked Pushpdant to bring a shiv linga from the temple of king.

They told him that shiv linga is not getting proper respect there and Pushpdant should take care of it.

To serve Mahadev, gullible Pushpdant stole Shiv Linga and the thieves stole the jewels and money from temple.

Nat Bhairav asked Pushpdant to take that back in the temple. A devotee should not try to keep his adorable God away from other devotees. But Pushpdant didn’t listen.

He offered flowers to Shiv linga but it didn’t accept this time. Pushpdant realized his mistake and brought the Linga back to the king. King announced death penalty to Pushpdant.

As his last wish, Pushpdant created a prayer of Shiva and sung it in the court of King.

Shiva appeared and blessed prayer of Pushpdant with name Shiv Mahimna Stotra. Thieves also apologized so Shiva asked them to serve the temple and put attention of devotees towards the divinity of temple not on attractions.

King also realized that there is no need to store wealth in temples. So he appointed Kalbheet to use that money in the welfare of people. He released Pushpdant with full respect.

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