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Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga – Arrogance of Vindhyachal Mountain

Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga is situated at Mandhata land in Narmada river. There are two linga, one is Omkareshwar and another Amleshwar.

Story of Vindhyachal Mountain

Vindhyachal wanted to be the biggest mountain on Earth. Narad muni advised him to do a penance of Shiva, as Narayana and Brahma would never fulfill his wish because this might affect the whole ecosystem.

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Vindhyachal did a hard austerity of Shiva and pleased him. Shiva appeared and he asked to become as high as he wish. Shiva granted his desire.

Vindhyachal started expanding his height. The whole system got disturbed. He reached the height of sky. Narad muni told him that he should not think small. If he has a boon then he should become the highest thing in the universe. Vindhyachal got arrogant and went on the mission of becoming highest.

He kept on expanding his size. Now the earth wasn’t able to hold his weight, but he kept on expanding.

Soon he realized that there is no end of this universe. At the top, he heard the vibrations of OM and got confused with the divine activities and illusions. He forgot his stubbornness and prayed Shiva to bless him with the meaning of OM.

Shiva enlightened him with the divinity of OM. He then asked Mahadev to stay there in the form of His energies and bless people with the knowledge of Omkar, like He blessed him.

Shiva founded two Shiva Linga – Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga and Amleshwar Linga.

How Vindhyachal Came to Normal Size?

Once Rishi Agastya wanted to go to Rameshwaram but Vindhyachal was obstructing his path. He asked Vindhyachal to lower his height and let him pass but he refused as he got the boon after hard austerity.

Rishi Agastya explained him that, “nature made us all in the way where we are best. Your normal height is fruitful for the world and if you try to disturb it, the whole system will get disturb.” But Vindhyachal wasn’t ready to understand.

Then Agastya threatened him of curse. Vindhyachal apologized and came to normal size. Agastya told him that he shouldn’t dare to change height until he return back. Vindhyachal kept waiting but Agastya never returned. So Vindhyachal remained at normal size.

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