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Panchabhoot Sthalam Lingam – Akhilandeshwari Devi

When Arunasur captured the five element deities, Bhootnath came for the protection and released them. But in the mean time, Parvati performed the duties of all the captured deities by creating temporary elements.

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When Parvati released the temporary elements, she got fainted. Shiva was hurt watching this. He thought why Parvati is punished everytime anything happened in world.

With this pain he went into duties-free state. Without the music of Damru of Mahadev, world became docile. Animals and nature became restless.

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Panchabhoot Sthalam Lingam

To please Mahadev, Goddess Parvati started creating Shiva Linga and placed 5 primary element deities.

Appolingam Shivlinga or Jambukeshwar Mahadev

This Shiva Linga was created by Varun dev (Water deity). He prayed here to please Shiva and to thank for saving him from Arunasur.

Agnilingam or Annamalaiya Mahadev

This Shiva Linga was created by Agni dev (Fire deity). He prayed here.

Vaayulingam or Shirkalhasteshwar Mahadev

Vaayulingam was created by Pawan dev (Air deity).

Akashlingam or Chidambaram Nataraj

This was formless. An empty space was worshiped as Shiva because He is beyond any shape.

Prithwilingam or Tikambareshwar Mahadev

This linga is devoted to earth. Parvati herself prayed on this linga.

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Akhilandeshwari Devi

An anger fire spreaded from the third eye of Mahadev. To protect  the world from this anger fire, Parvati took the form of Akhilandeshwari Devi.

Later Narayana took the form of farmer and show Mahadev how his vivid, duties-free state was affecting the world. He asked Shiva to help his bullocks cultivate the soil. Shiva saw the sadness and restlessness in animals.

Narayana reminded him his own words, “Do your work being a doer without expectations. Become a hermit“.

Mahadev played his damru and world got enlightened. He played his damru 14 times and which created 14 formulas.

This proves that God don’t have any life for themselves. They can’t get free from their duties.

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