• २४ - लंका वर्णन

    bana baga upabana batika sara kupa bapi sohahi,
    nara naga sura gandharbha kanya rupa muni mana mohahi.
    kahu mala deha bisala saila samana atibala garjahi,
    nana akharenha bhirahi bahu bidhi eka ekanha tarjahi.2.

    Groves and orchards, gardens and parks, lakes and also wells, big and small, looked charming; daughters of human beings, Nagas, gods and Gandharvas (celestial musicians) enraptured with their beauty the minds of even hermits. Here roared mighty wrestlers endowed with huge mountain like forms. They grappled with one another in many ways in different courts and challenged one another to a duel. Myriads of champions possessing frightful forms sedulously guarded the city on all sides

Krishna Kutumb
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