• १९६ - वानरगण कहने लगे- कृपालु आनंदकंद श्री रामजी की जय हो जय हो

    suni prabhu bachana kahahi kapi brinda, jaya jaya jaya kripala sukhakanda.
    taba raghupati kapipatihi bolava, kaha chalai kara karahu banava.3.

    On hearing the words of the Lord the whole host of monkeys cried, Glory, glory, all glory It should be remembered in this connection that Lord Shiva Himself had taken the form of Hanuman. It was, therefore, easy for Him to recall that thrilling experience to the gracious Lord, the fountain of bliss ! The Lord of the raghus then summoned Sugriva (the King of the monkeys) and said, Make preparations for the march.

Krishna Kutumb
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