• २०५ - सेना का वर्णन

    sahi saka na bhara udara ahipati bara barahi mohai,
    gaha dasana puni puni kamatha prishta kathora so kimi sohai.
    raghubira rucira prayana prasthiti jani paRama suhavani,
    janu kamatha kharpara sarparaja so likhata abicala pavani.2.

    Even the great lord of serpents (sesha) found himself unable to bear the crushing weight of the belligerent troops and felt dizzy again and again. But each time he would struggle by clutching with his teeth the hard shell of the divine Tortoise. The scratches thus made by his teeth would make one imagine as if, knowing the departure of Sri Rama (the Hero of raghu’s line) on His glorious expedition to be a most attractive theme, the serpent-king was inscribing its immortal and sacred story on the Tortoise’s back.(1-2)

Krishna Kutumb
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