• श्री कृष्णा भगवान ने अर्जुन से कहा

    Manmanaa bhava madbhakto madyaajee maam namaskuru;
    Maamevaishyasi yuktwaivamaatmaanam matparaayanah.

    34. Fix thy mind on Me; be devoted to Me; sacrifice unto Me; bow down to Me; having thus

    united thy whole self with Me, taking Me as the Supreme Goal, thou shalt verily come unto Me.


    The whole being of a man should be surrendered to the Lord without

    reservation. Then there will be a marvellous transformation. He will have the vision of God

    everywhere. All sorrows and pains will vanish. His mind will be one with Him. He will for ever

    have his life and being in the Lord alone.

Krishna Kutumb
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