• सच्चिदानन्दघन ब्रह्म

    Kasmaachcha te na nameran mahaatman
    Gareeyase brahmano’pyaadikartre;
    Ananta devesha jagannivaasa
    Twamaksharam sadasattatparam yat.

    37. And why should they not, O great soul, bow to Thee who art greater (than all else), the

    primal cause even of (Brahma) the creator, O Infinite Being! O Lord of the gods! O abode of the

    universe! Thou art the imperishable, the Being, the non-being and That which is the supreme (that

    which is beyond the Being and non-being).


    The Lord is Mahatma. He is greater than all else. He is the

    imperishable, so He is the proper object of worship, love and delight.

Krishna Kutumb
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