• श्री कृष्णा भगवान ने अर्जुन से कहा

    Tatah padam tat parimaargitavyam
    Yasmin gataa na nivartanti bhooyah;
    Tameva chaadyam purusham prapadye
    Yatah pravrittih prasritaa puraanee.

    4. Then


    goal should be sought after, whither having gone none returns again. Seek

    refuge in that Primeval Purusha whence streamed forth the ancient activity or energy.


    That which fills the whole world with the form of Satchidananda, is

    Purusha. That which sleeps in this city of the body is the Purusha. Single-minded devotion, which

    consists of ceaselessly remembering the Supreme Being, is the surest and most potent means of

    attaining Self-realisation.

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    श्री कृष्णा भगवान ने अर्जुन से कहा