it is true that if some one is made for us, they will automatically come to our life?

I want Some one desperately in my life. .i mean i just want to make him happy..and always want to be with him..will god fulfilled my desire ..

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  • Akshaya Mahatapa

    Yes , it is true . Just follow your path and do hardwork for success​.
    We will suggest you to
    Concentrate on your work
    read books, especially fictions.
    talk to people, who want you, your good friends, family, relatives.
    But if you want to control someone anger i want to let you know that First of all, you don’t control anyone’s anything. What you’re asking is, I think, how to calm them down. There are basically three ways you can achieve that.

    Ask them “Please speak more slowly, I’d like to help”.
    Usually, when people are angry, they might be shouting at you or maybe crying. They might be expecting you to resist, i.e., explaining why you did what you did or something like that. But you don’t.
    When you ask them this, their pattern breaks and they get a feeling that you are interested to solve the issue. You want them to explain it. Which calms them down and ‘makes them think’.
    Another thing you can try is “What would you like me to do?”
    This one works similarly as (1). It stops their pattern and makes them think in a better way.
    ‘Ask Anything at all!!’ - Your Last resort
    Yup. This works. If you want to get conversation back on track, no matter what they’re yelling, don’t respond by explaining yourself. Explaining is a form of resistance. Instead, ask them any question. It will break their pattern, calm them down.

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