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Why marriage is prohibited in same Gotra?


  • Yauvani RabinderDevotee

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    The custom for asking for *Gotra* before marriage is still continuing. The aim behind this is that the marriage should not take place in the same *Gotra*. Marriage should also be done in a different Gotra. In shashtras *Sagotra* marriage is considered as scornful and against the religion.

    According to *Manu Smriti (3/5)* -

    *Aspinda cha ya matursagotraa cha ya pituh |

    Sa prashastaa dvijatinaam darkarmani maithune ||*

    It means marriage should be done with the girl who may not be in six generations of the mother and not from the *Gotra* of the father.

  • Prateek SaxenaDevotee


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