Why is the custom of Vanprasth ceremony?


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  • Amrusha Arati Niharika

    After undergoing the age of 50 years of family life, then *Vanprastha* (third grade of the life of a Brahmin) ceremony is done. At that age the responsibilities of house hold life is entrusted to the children and one offers himself for the service of the society and the nation. This hermitage is most important of all other hermitages. It is said about *Vanprasth* hermitage in *Haareet Smriti (6/2)* -
    *Avum vanaashrame tishthan paatyashchaiva kilvishama.
    Chathurthmaashramam gacchata sanyaasvidhinaa dvijah.*

    It means one should accept *Vanprasth* hermitage after family life. Due to it one gets rid of all mental defects and piousness is achieved. Later on this piousness is most effective for *Sanyaas* hermitage.

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