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Why people go for Sanyaas?


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    In Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta Lord Shri Krishna, speaking about the arrangement done for 'Sanyaasi', says, a man who has no desire of the results of the deeds but simply does deeds to be done,he is a 'Sanyaasi' or a 'Yogi'. Indian philosophers have called four valors - dharma, artha(money) , kama(wish or lust) and salvation. Among them the key to achieving salvation is 'Sanyaas' hermitage.

    In *Manu Smriti (6/33)* Maharaj Manu said -

    *Chaturthmayusho bhaagam tyagatvaa sangaanprivrajeta*

    It means at the fourth part of the life one should achieve 'Sanyaas' by leaving all sorts of delusions and ignorance. Aim of the ascetic is to achieve salvation.

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