Why moon is worshiped on KarwaChauth?


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  • Sana Gopika Adani

    Being the Deity of heart the Moon controls the mobility, stability and happiness. The central point of the eyebrows is known as the dwelling place of moon. For the happiness of the moon, here the mark of sandal wood, vermilion etc. is applied and ladies apply 'Bindi' here.

    On Karvachauth day to achieve the blessings of moon fast is kept on the previous day and during night when moon appears it is duly worshiped and *Argha* is offered. Only after it fortunate women accept food and water. The main reasons behind celebrating *Karvachauth* are having riches; all sorts of fortunes and safety of the husband from all problems.

    It has been said in the twelfth part of fourth chapter of *Chandrogya Upanishada* that one who keeps male form of Brahma in moon and prays it, he becomes free from all problems, besides it he achieves long life.

    In *Hasthyoga* and *Tantra Shashtra* the importance of moon has been highly praised. Half moon is situated on the fore-head of Lord Shiva. Half moon is considered to be the symbol of hope and worship.

    According to *Brahmavaivart Puran* the moon was married to the daughters of Daksha Prajapati. Out of them Rohini was much loved by moon. When the other daughters of Daksha complained about moon to their father, then he enraged cursed the moon and its 16 Kalayen (16 forms of moon) became weak. Moon went to Lord Shiva and complained to him then Shiva kept him on his head. When Daksha asked Lord Shiva to give him moon and warned him about the curse then Shiva went to lord Vishnu.

    Then Lord Vishnu made two parts of the moon and gave one part to Daksha and the other to Shiva to place it on his head. In this way moon got the curse of Daksha and also did not have it. This is the reason that it develops for 15 days and reduces the other 15 days.

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