Why so many Deities in Hindu religion?


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  • Puru Muthukaruppan

    Only the God and Goddesses have complete forms of divine qualities, religion and nature. Ordinarily these God and Goddesses are the followers of truth, religion and nature. But if their nature gets changed then that is due to their duty and their bondage with their words. They have the divine ability of granting boons to their devotees, faithful and religious followers.

    Ordinarily people have the contention that the number of God and Goddesses are 330 Million i.e. 33 Crores.

    According to chapter 3 of *Brihadaranyak Upnishada* there is the saying of Muni Yagyavalkya that *Gods are 33*. Among them are -
    *1 Prajapati*
    *1 Devraj Indra* - Cloud is Indra.
    *12 Aadityas* - 12 months of the year with their 12 suns.
    *11 Roodra* - There are 5 sense organs, 5 deeds organs and 1 soul.
    *8 Vasu* - Fire, Earth, Air, Sky, Aaditya, Dhayou, Chandrama and Planets

    In the form of nature the complete life with oblation is Brahma.

    According to *Rigveda* -
    *Indram Mitram Varunmagnimahuratho divyah sa suparno garutmaan |
    Ekam sadvipraa bahudha vadanti agnim yamam maatariswaanmahuah ||*

    It means, Wise people call by different names the *Satswaroop Parmeshwar* (Gods form of truth). They worship him by the names of *Agani* (fire), *Yama* (God of death), *Matrishva*, *Indra*, *Mitra*, *Varuna*, *Divya*, *Suparna*, *Garutmaan* etc. In fact the same Supreme element, the same infinite, boundless, primary power is taken into different forms and worshiped. In this way it can be said that the supreme power is one and had different forms.

    There are customary three main Gods - *Brahma*, *Vishnu* and *Mahesha*. Their powers are - *Saraswati*, *Laxmi* and *Durga*.

  • Rohit Mishra

    Bhagvan sirf ek hai sirf roop alag alag hai

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