Jowaki Chaterju

Why religion is necessary?


  • Pramada DatlaDevotee

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    *Dharma* has been defined as -

    *Dharmo mata pita chaiv dharmo bandhuh suhritathaa .

    Dharmah swargasya dharmaatswargamavapyate.*

    It means, Religion is the mother, religion is the father and religion is true friend. Religion is the stair-case to heaven and through religion heaven is achieved.

  • Sugouri KhurshDevotee

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    The word *Dharma* is made by *Dhri*, dhatu (substance) plus *Ghyan* (introspection) whose meaning is ever safe, helping and adopted, accepting precious etc.

    It is said about Dharma -

    *Dharyate janairiti dharma*

    It means whatever is practiced by a man is called Dharma.

  • Krishnadas Kundu


    Religion is not a sanskrit word . The word dharma is not same as religion . There no Synonym of the word religion in sanskrit language . Dharma means duty .