• Adi seshanag or Snake of Lord Shiva

    All know Lord Vishnu,Supreme God loves Whom most??

    He loves lord Shesha most and Lord Shesha love Lord Vishnu.

    All questions How lord Kulki(incarnation of Vishnu)will come to Destroy world if Destruction is work of Lord Shiva ???

    1)Lord Mahavishnu is Supreme god Consists of Lord Vishnu,Lord Shesha,Lord Brahma (From Lotus from stomach of Lord Vishnu),Devi Laxmi.
    Mahavishnu- Vishnu,Shesh(shiva),Brahma, Laxmi

    2)One story in In bengal tradition,

    Once lord Shiva and Mata Parvati have some private time and Mata Paravati have black colour and Lord Shiva of White.

    She told Shiva i will incarnate as lord Krishna (Colour remains same black) and You will incarnate Radha(White colour reamains ).

    3)all knows Lord Shesha is Tamsic pravrutti of Lord Mahavishnu.

    we all know lord Shiva is of Tamsic pravrutti.
    4) When lord Viahnu sleeps and whole universe get destroy remains only means only Lord Shesha ramains.Shesha means Remainder.

    5)All knows how shesha reaches to Lord Vishnu by Rejecting Material world and 10000 years penance like an astatic like Lord Shiva.

    6)So i made conclusion.

    Lord Mahavishnu Consists of:-

    1)Lord Vishnu and Lord Shakti are same-

    All materiallistic things,Planets,Star.means Prakrutti means Nature.

    11) Lord Shiva and Lord Shesha are same.-When lord Vishnu(Shakti) sleeps means destruction of all nature,Prakrutti consists of all planets,stars, then What remains??

    only Lord Shesha (Shiva) remains as a Remainder as a Space between All planets,Stars

    Means lord Shesha (Shiva) is Space curved by Gravity.(Nagas has curved body) is Spacetime the term used by Albert Einstein.

    and All knows Lord Adishesh took all universe on his hoods.

    and Science knows Gravity hold all universe.

    Lord Shesha is in heart of Lord Vishnu and Curved space by Gravity.

    So lord Shiva is Greatest Naga who is Lord Adishesh.

    So lord shesha loves most Lord Vishnu and do as Lord Vishnu commands.

    (All knows how Lord Laxman loves Lord rama,when rama was with seeta in kuti,Laxman gaves protection to them to full 14 years,he didnt sleep at all so called as Gudakesha)

    (When Lord Laxman get unconscious and Rama ordered to stop war,he said he never want Seeta if Laxman in no their.)

    So Rama loves Laxman more tham Seeta.

    So vasuki only worship his Elder brother lord Shesha -who become god by his own Penance to Lord Vishnu.
    Lord Kulki will come for Destruction so He is incarnation of Lord Shiva (Shesha),but he is part of Lord Mahvishnu.

    So Shesha is Greater than Vasuki, Shesh is Eternal Companion of Lord Vishnu and ,Vasuki is biggest devotee of Lord Shesha (Lord Shiva)

    Lord Vishnu is born God and Lord Shesh (Shiva) is mortal became god.

    Shesha is Time and Vasuki is Life (Pranshakti)

    Shesha is Spacetime And Vasuki is life.

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