• Aswathama! Alive or not ?

    In a Kannada version of Mahabaratha written by Kumara Vyasa, the author claimed that he wrote Mahabaratha by listening to Sage Ashwatthama. In order to escape from the curse, Ashwatthama approached his guru's guru Lord Parasurama, who was also an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Taking pity on him, Lord Parasurama agreed to help him. It was said that Ashwatthama was only an instrument in Lord Shiva's plan to exterminate all the evil people from earth. Hence, Ashwatthama was absolved of all sins. It was said that Pandavas met Ashwatthama once again 36 years later when they were travelling to seek pardon from Lord Shiva for their heinous crimes in war. The Pandavas found Ashwatthama happy in the company of Lord Parasurama and Sage Durvasa in an ashram on the banks of river Ganga. It was believed that Lord Parasurama and Maharishi Durvasa initiated Ashwatthama into Sakthi worship, which is considered to be the supreme of all modes of worship. By worshipping Adi Parasakthi , Ashwatthama bypassed the curse of Lord Krishna.

    It is said in ancient scriptures that "If God is angry at you, Guru can save you. But if Guru is angry at you, even God cannot save you". Alternate theories suggest that as per the words in scriptures Ashwatthama sought the help of his gurus and escaped the wrath of God, living along with his mother Kripi and his maternal uncle sage Kripa, both being great yogis somewhere in the Himalayas.

    According to Kalki Purana, Ashwatthama is considered to be foremost among the rishis in Kaliyuga.

    Ashwatthama will become the next sage Vyasa, who in turn divide the Veda in 29th Mahayuga of 7th Manvantara.

    Ashwatthama will also become one of the Saptarishi in the 8th Manvantara along with sage Vyasa, sage Kripa and sage Parashurama.

    He will also become the guru of Kalki Avatar along with Parasurama.

    Ashwatthama studied Dhanurveda or martial arts and Brahmavidya or the science of the self or atma from Lord Parasurama, Maharishi Durvasa, Maharishi Ved Vyasa, Bhishma, Kripa and Drona. Ashwatthama is the master of all forms of knowledge and possesses complete mastery over 64 forms of arts or Kalas and 18 Vidyas or branches of knowledge.

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