• Ravana had 10 heads? Really?

    No , ravana never had ten heads.Once when ravana was born , all gods came and gifted one or another things. Kama deva gifted kama which means lust.

    Indra deva gifted egoish nature.
    Agni deva gave power to withstand fire .
    Shiva gave him future title of greatest shiva bhakta and biggest first astrologer .
    Brahma gifted all knowledge.
    Vishnu gifted that ravana will get death form his hands.
    Kubera gifted lanka.
    Surya deva gifted being master of all planets.
    Kaali maa gifted anger.
    Bhumi Devi gifted an armour.
    Vayu deva gifted power to fly.
    Thus it was chance of Triwati maa .she gifted an amulet . This amulet was placed so that ravana 's heads could be seen in 10 different directions.

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