• Navratri 2017 story Devi brahmacharini

    Brahmacharini means somebody who follows the practice of Bachelorette. Means who spent her time in tenacity, charity, chanting and saintly work. This is the second form of nine Goddesses. It is celebrated on the 2nd day of Navratri.

    Devi wear white clothes in the form of brahmacharini. She has a saintly necklet in her one hand and a sacred tumbler in other. When devi Parvati took birth in the palace of king Himalaya then she wished to do tenacity in order to get back to Lord Shiva again. When her family members knew about this, they tried to stop her but Parvati's heart was pulling her towards tenacity for getting Lord Shiva.

    Devi prayed for 5000 years in this form. In this meantime lord Shiva tried many times by taking different forms to persuade Parvati to leave the temptation of Shiva. He tried to discourage Her by telling her about the weaknesses and badness of Shiva. But Her love towards Him kept on increasing with time.

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