• जी हरे कृष्णा 🙏 सादर नमन

    *Sridevi's body is being brought from Dubai after post morterm!*

    This is today's headlines in most of the National and International News Papers and Websites.

    Does this make us ponder??? 🤔

    If the body of Sridevi has been brought, then where is Sridevi???

    Where did she go after leaving this body???

    Why she has to die even after accumulating so much wealth and reaches???

    We listen to this kind of news every other day, but we don't sit and think or search answers for these questions.

    All the wealth and riches she earned is left here itself.

    *No body is ready to touch her beautiful body which was aspiration and inspiration of so many individuals who wanted to enjoy it*.

    Take a few quiet moments to think about it before you again embark on new assignments and chase new material desires.

    Ask yourself how to put an end to this cycle of birth and death???

    How to get rid of the miseries in life???

    How to find real happiness???

    Bhagavad-gita has all these answers, but we have been ignorantly avoiding it, and searching for the answers elsewhere

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